bringinthebass asked: hi! help me out please.... ;) just reblogged your "take my heart and go" note. love it. as a person learning to speak arabic im wondering why the verb "go" is written such a way on your pic... i though "go" is written like تذهب

hey! i’m glad you like it :)

regarding your question, there are many varieties of the arabic language, there’s the spoken arabic (AlA’miyya- العاميّه) and there’s the modern standard arabic (AlFus-ha - الفصحى).

روح (go) is the command verb of the word راح which is used in spoken arabic, and اذهب (which also means go) is used in the literary arabic, and it’s more formal.That’s  the main different, you can use both of them, depends on whether you chose to speak AlFus-ha or AlA’miyya.

I hope this is helpful :)

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my first stop motion video

زنبقة - لمى أبو غانم 

للاغنية الكاملة 

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how to be an arab by Subhi Taha

I highly recommend visiting his YouTube channel, he’s hilarious!

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النسخة العربية لأغنية داليدا, بامبينو


Jean Dujardin singing arabic version of Bambino, originally sung In french by Dalida.

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